IP Licensing

Far too often, intellectual property rights are viewed exclusively from the perspective of a defensive strategy, allowing companies and innovators to protect the achievements they’ve worked so hard to create. While the legal protections provided by intellectual property rights are an important safeguard for growth and innovation, the value of IP rights extends beyond this defensive stance. Indeed, in the right circumstances, the licensing of intellectual property can be every bit as valuable as the legal protection it provides.

IP licensing agreements can provide considerable benefits to licensors, but they need to be carefully crafted in order to ensure that the rights of licensors are fully protected. If you are considering IP licensing for your intellectual property rights, the attorneys at Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, have substantial experience advising clients on the relative merits of potential IP licensing agreements, and we can help you to determine whether a particular IP licensing decision is in your business’ best interests and to draft a licensing agreement that will protect your rights and interests under the law.

Our IP Licensing Practice Areas

Licensing agreements for different forms of intellectual property can often differ markedly, and the experience of those managing the drafting and enforcement of the licensing agreement therefore becomes a crucial component in ensuring that the rights of license holders are properly respected. At Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, we know what it takes to work with licensing agreements such as:

  • Patent Licensing
  • Copyright Licensing
  • Software Licensing
  • Trade Secret Licensing
  • Trademark Licensing

We have the experience, the personnel, and the resources to effectively represent clients dealing with any of these issues.

Contact an IP Licensing Lawyer

If you are considering the licensing of your intellectual property rights, we can help you to explore all of your available options and make the best choice for your business. Contact the lawyers from Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, today at (832) 742-9260 to learn more about the services we offer and how we can best help you.

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