Intellectual Property Law for Technical Subject Matters

Intellectual property law provides a wide range of protections to entrepreneurs and business owners by ensuring that others are not allowed to unfairly benefit from the hard work they have put into the process of innovation. This protection can be especially important for those who work in highly technical fields in which the very nature of their success is intrinsically linked with their ability to develop new technological capacities.

Protecting intellectual property rights for technical subject matters can be especially difficult, however. In these circumstances, the assistance of an experienced legal professional with an extensive technical background is particularly important. If you need legal assistance with intellectual property concerns involving technical subject matters, the lawyers from Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, have worked with a wide range of different technical issues in the past, and we can provide clients with the experienced and insightful representation they need and deserve.

Technical Subject Matters with Which We are Experienced

We offer assistance to clients who operate within a wide range of different industries. Our experience allows us to provide highly in-depth, knowledgeable representation for those dealing with intellectual property concerns related to:

  • Automotive Technologies
    • Powertrain
    • Braking Systems
    • Stability Systems
    • Restraint Systems
    • Engine Components
    • Tire Technology
  • Computer and Processor Design and Production
  • Computer Network Applications
  • GPS Technologies
  • Mechanical Devices
  • Oilfield Exploration, Production, and Flow Assurance
  • Sensors and Test Equipment
    • Accelerometers
    • Gyros
    • Medical Applications
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Telematics Applications
  • Wireless, Wired, and Optical Data Transmission

For all of these issues, we have the resources, training, and experience to effectively represent our clients’ interests.

Contact an Intellectual Property Attorney Today

If you need help with intellectual property protections for technical subject matters, the attorneys at Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, can provide you with the knowledgeable, experienced representation you deserve. Contact us today at (832) 742-9260 to learn more about our service offerings.

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