Pursuing Corporate Litigation

In order to effectively compete in today’s business environment, it is critical that your corporation maintains focus on its core corporate objectives. As such, when legal issues arise in the course of operating your business, they must be handled smoothly and efficiently before they are allowed to detract from your business’ ability to continue to grow and develop. However, corporate litigation can be profoundly complex and require delicate treatment of the officers or board members of your own business. With an experienced corporate lawyer, litigation may be pursued so as to uphold the strategic framework and to advance the goals of your business or corporation.

Forms of Corporate Litigation

At Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, our legal team is well experienced assisting businesses promote their continued growth and security. Our corporate lawyers are fully prepared to pursue the following forms of corporate litigation:

  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

When considering corporate litigation, there may be several possible courses of action that may effectively be pursued, so the lawyers at Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC can help you determine what course of action best fits the long and short term objectives of your business.

Contact a Corporate Litigation Attorney to Learn More

At Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, our corporate attorneys are prepared to advise you of the best possible course action when pursuing corporate litigation; we can represent your claim through every step of the legal process. Our lawyers have the resources and experience necessary to effectively and efficiently represent the interests of your business and corporation. To discuss the particulars of your company’s legal needs with one of our attorneys today, please call (832) 742-9260.

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