Following the Theft of Trade Secrets

Central to the success and competitive advantages many businesses hold, trade secrets must be kept in strict confidence among those who have access to them. However, as a less concrete form of intellectual property, trade secrets are particularly susceptible to theft. When trade secrets are stolen, legal action may become necessary to regain control of that intellectual property and to achieve financial restitution for any damages that resulted from the theft.

Theft of Trade Secrets Litigation

Depending upon how vital any particular trade secret is to maintaining your company’s competitive advantage, trade secret theft may have devastating consequences for your company. As such, when you believe that your trade secrets have been stolen, it is critical that you take legal action against the responsible party as early as possible. The legal team at Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC is prepared to help you pursue a case involving any of the following trade secrets:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Computer algorithms
  • Process equipment
  • Medical equipment

While each case will present its own unique set of challenges, our lawyers have the experience necessary to pursue litigation for the theft of the above-mentioned trade secrets.

Contact a Trade Secret Lawyer to Learn More

At Bayko, Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC, our legal team understands how critical it is to maintain your company’s trade secrets. As such, we are prepared to help you pursue litigation against the person or company responsible for the theft of your trade secrets. To learn how one of our lawyers can help your company protect its trade secrets, or to take legal action for the theft of a trade secret, please call (832) 742-9260 today.

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